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The Story begins with the Project Branding & Extends to the moment that your furnishings are installed & artwork is hung.  For many, this relationship extends beyond the contractual into the realm of shared memory that includes parties, gatherings & celebrations both large and small.  The Design process is intimate & iterative and requires a level of trust that transcends any contract.  It's these experiences that keep us engaged & excited to be in the business of Design.  
We enjoy working with Passionate People regardless of project size, style or typology.  The underlying creative drive behind our work isn't a rigid adherence to a particular style but rather to a methodology to arrive at an understanding of a project's goals, challenges & opportunities.  What we seek foremost in a project is a client that we feel a connection with.  
Our focus is primarily on family vacation homes but our skillset of asking questions & listening to your needs positions us to be an asset to an array of buildings.
We've completed over 250 projects since our business founding in the year 2000 for families, developers & non-profits. If there's a design need that you would like to discuss, please reach out and let's have a conversation.  
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The Expression of Details in your home will reflect the sensibilities that you bring to the table...with some expert inquiry from us.  Let's have fun! 
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Site Design & Planning

Schematic Design

Interior Architecture

Kitchen Design

Appliance Selection

CAD Drafting

Construction Drawings 

Plumbing Fixture Selection

Lighting Plans

Lighting Fixture Selection

Tile Selection & Schedules

Interior Elevations & 3D 

Millwork Drawings

Structural Drawings

Marketing Assistance



Contractor Selection

Contract Negotiation

Construction Admin

Caretaking Referrals

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Our compensation is typically on an hourly basis but we've also done creative development work as a lump sum payment as a % of the sales price.   We like to partner with our clients and be an integral part of the process through construction completion.   Give us a call to discuss your particular needs and we can structure an arrangement that works for both of us.