Client   Calibrate  Consider   Create   Catharsis   Conscious   Connection  Care  Conversation  Commitment   Cultivate   Curiosity 
The Architect & The Client are but two Collaborators in the Journey to Create a Beautiful, Functional & Memorable Building.  
Collaboration has been at the center of our ethos long before it became a buzzword in the world of business.   A building without this underlying approach becomes a narrowly focused ego driven process that we have no interest in being a participant.  If you're ready to be engaged and take the time to look within; we're the Designers for you! 
What's your family story ?  Describe a typical day, weekend & week in a home that houses your family.  What do you want out of this experience?  Are you Considering how your needs will change as time unfolds?  Tell us how you feel when you see this particular space, or walk into this room.  Do you like to rise early and contemplate in solitude or do you like to sleep in and arrive at a breakfast table full of Conversation and plan making for the day?  We ask these questions to all family members.......and we even ask that you commit these ideas to paper.  Don't worry; it's an open format! Be Creative! 
The Foundation of the Socratic process begins with theses experiential Conversations which become abetted by visual inspiration images.  Together we weave these items into an underlying "Brand" that supports the decision making Process along the way.
Collaborative Contributors are determined very early in the process.  This way everyone has a seat at the table and an open ear to expectations and discord about the project. 
Consistent    Communication   Calendar  Community   Craftsperson   Contractor   Codes   Comfort

210 + years of Living, 105+ Years of Design, 4-1/2 Kids,...a lot of memories
This is whom will you be interacting with from the first inquiry session to the furniture install
Founding Principal

Designer, Project Manager

Irina is comfortable in wellies tending to her chickens or navigating the cobblestone streets of Eastern Europe in high heels.  She has an exacting eye for detail & technical know-how.  Irina is a keen observer with invaluable insights into problem solving & client interaction.  Initially she might be seen as quiet but when she speaks it's with purpose & intention.  She can also do it in English,  Russian, Romanian,  Italian & Spanish.  Irina studied architecture in Eastern Europe and is our resident expert in all things Metric, Millwork & Design. 

Founding Principal

Designer, Project Manager

Thea will write something

Founding Principal

Senior Designer, Project Manager

Chris can be found overlooking the pacific ocean in our Studio West location in Santa Barbara.  If you can't find him there you might look on a racetrack such as Laguna Seca (see above) testing the limits of his Citroen.  Chris & Joe started BPC 20+ years ago and have weathered various iterations of BPC with successful collaboration.  Chris has a razor sharp ability to summarize a 60 minute zoom meeting into 30 seconds of well organized directives. Chris is the resident expert in all things CAD, Construction, Details & Design

Founding Principal


Joe 's passion for design & construction began with fort-building with his brother Jeff. He's inspired by vernacular architecture that responds to culture & climate. The first book  on architecture that he owned was "Architecture without Architects".  Joe's perception of beauty centers around authenticity, integrity and genuineness; therefore he sees successful design as one that is people-centric VS an ego driven attachment to a personal style.  Joe is a licensed architect in Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Colorado, Florida & North Carolina. 

Founding Principal

Architect, CAD Manager, Rendering, Drafting

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Founding Principal

Interior Designer

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Founding Principal

Landscape Designer, Site Planning

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Founding Principal

Construction Manager

Patrick will write something

Architecture & Design
Architecture is the art & science of accommodating life and Building the world you want to live in.  This extends from Outside to Inside and back out into the Landscape.  What we do Matters.
Architecture is a dialogue between people, culture, place, & nature.  Vacation is a chance to Study! 
Through Design and Craftsmanship we aim to elevate your experience of living.