The smart money - where to focus the funds in your budget.

As we have written before, our clients are brilliant and wildly successful. Many are self-made and highly driven. As designers it can be a little intimidating to tell our clients that they are, in our opinion, making a foolish decision. At least once or twice during the design process we need to reign in our clients and tell them to save their dollars. Oh we’ll spend the dollars, but most often on something else.


Clients will often come to us and say that have to have that particular sink or maybe it is a certain light, or even that amazing statuario marble. We could encourage them to do so but it just isn’t in our DNA. We like the challenge of trying to accomplish the same look or effect by using other products that might be less expensive and more readily available. We’re all for trying to accomplish those “wow” moments, but let’s be smart about it.


Our advice is to spend the money where you will see it and enjoy it! Make that kitchen gleam, go for that pool you’ve always wanted, or maybe it’s the spa-like master bath you’ve been dreaming about. We often tell our clients to take a step back and think about the spaces they will spend the most time in. Kitchens, for example, are almost always where your friends and family gather when they visit. You might think you’ll read by the fire, but more often you will end up at your kitchen island. This is where you should spend your money to make it exactly what you want. This is also where you will see the greatest return on your investment.


Another good place to invest might be your master bath. You use it every day, so make it special and create a sanctuary within your home. This is where we suggest you scrap the home theater and go for the double vanity, walk-in shower and soak tub.


Focus your budget on the areas that really matter and have an impact on your daily life. Yes that rare stone surround you saw in last month’s home design magazine was pretty special, but let’s talk fire pit!